Reviews and feedback from our guests

Our goal is always that those who travel with us will bring with them unforgettable memories from Peru. And we do everything in our power to make sure that happens. Below you can see feedback from some of our customers from the past few years.

October 2014

Hi, back home again. Everything has been fine on our trip. In Guayaquil we took a taxi to the city. Ecuador seems a little more modern than Peru, but we haven´t seen so much of it.
Tho whole trip as been fantastic and everthing has been well organized and planned.
Thanks so very much!

Best regards, Susanne and Dorien

August 2014

Thank you so much!
As usual, it is with mixed feelings that we are back home. We would have liked to have stayed
longer in wonderful Peru.
Peru and all the nice people, the delicious food, the amazing landscape and all history will always have a special place in our hearts :).
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip, our experience is that it was well planned with great guides, all of which were very well prepared, committed, and proud of their country and the local officials we met were really nice and talented. The times we wondered about something we were attended at once.

Best Regards Michael & Anette

June 2014

Thanks for all your help and commitment - it really was a fantastic trip with memories for a lifetime.

Karin and Fredrik

Tove from Finland (september 2013)

Thanks for 27 fantastic days in Peru. Everything from tough trekking in the Colca Canyon to the comfortable accommodations and good guides in the Amazon jungle. What I liked the most was to stay overnight in the house of a family on an island in the Lake Titicaca, simple but very interesting to live with them for a short while and share their food. I am very satisfied with the trip and had no problems travelling alone, I had good contacts with the guides and other travelers at all times.

With kind regards,                                                                      

Michael and Karin (july, 2013)

Hi Tailor Made Peru,

Thank you for an excellent organized and exciting journey.

Kind regards
Michael and Karin

Lennart and family (april, 2013)


Thanks for all the help we got with our trip to Peru. We had a real good time in Peru and are now back in Switzerland again, with memories of wonderful experiences in mind.
I have recommended you to a number of colleagues who will contact you in a while.

Best regards,

Åsa Åhlander (march, 2013)

Hi Tailor Made Peru, many thanks for a perfectly arranged tour. Everything worked out very well and no mishaps occured. Susanne had a little problem with the altitude, but there is not much to do about that.
We are both very satisfied with the arrangements and will carry with us all impressions for the rest of our lives. I guess it will take a while though, before we have "landed" and added up all our experiences.

Greetings from Asa

Agneta Mattiasson (may 2012)

Hi and thanks for the Christmas Greetings!

Our memories from Peru are very good :-)
Many Greetings from a "wet" west-coast covered with snow.

Best regards,


Terry Krell (Aug. 2012)

Thanks for arranging the very nice trip to Peru. Do you cover only Peru or other parts of South America as well?



Kerstin and Jan - 2012

Many thanks for everything you arranged for us in Peru.
A very successful trip, good hotels, a fantastic guide in Machu Picchu, 7 Condors, a very comfortable bus between Puno and Cusco. What more is there to wish?

Kerstin and Jan

Sanderssons - June, 2012


We certainly do have very happy memories of our time in Peru and have enjoyed giving a number of slide shows to our family and friends. It hardly seems six months ago that we arrived at the hotel in Miraflores and sampled those Pisco sours!
We wish you and everybody at Tailor Made Peru a Happy New Year.

Peter and Tina Sandersson

Frida Nordvall and family - Maj 2011

Merry Christmas to you all!

Thanks for the Greetings with the photo from Peru. It brings back many memories from a wonderful tour. Here in Sweden we have lots of snow.


Frida Nordvall

Fredrik och Katarina - January, 2012

Thank you for excellent service before, during and after our trip! Your suggestions on Hotels and activities were perfect and we had an amazing time! We really appreciated the personal touch and that you were always available if we had any questions. Being Swedish ourselves, we felt much safer using a travel agent that had Swedish staff on location that could help us out if needed. Thanks again for a great travel experience! Next time we go to South America, we will be sure to check with you first.

Best regards

Fredrik and Katarina

Berit Bylund (october, 2011)

We have lots of great memories from our tour to South America with you. I see the photos taken in Peru on a daily basis when they randomly are seen on my computer when it´s on stand-by. We really got to see and experience an enormous lot of interesting things during the time we had available.

The trip was well organized, good hotels, especially in the Colca Valley, where we gladly would have liked to stay one more night. Many good guides, especially the lady in Arequipa, and the girl that guided the Colca Canyon tour.
The guy who coordinated the visit in Cusco was good, but we had expected a little more from the guides on the sight-seeings, we were probably a bit spoiled by the guides we had in Arequipa and Colca Canyon.

The Inca trail was also well arranged and with good guides. Unfortunately, we had some bad luck as the 14 other tourists  in our group were from Argentina, which led to a little boring lunches and dinners where we as non-Hispanic not were able to participate in the conversations. Ok, during the hike some of them spoke a little English with us, and all the Norwegians and Americans who we met during the hike, we could also talk to. It would have been even nicer though if we had been part of a more international group.

The only part that did not 100% correspond to the expectations was the jungle tour,  where it was very warm and we had no option to choose which tours we wanted to do. For example, there was no picnic up among the treetops for us, which we had expected.

On the Galapagos Islands we gladly had stayed an extra day on land, as we did the cruise, with more time to visit the giant turtles and the lava tunnels.

Memories for life:-)

Best Wishes,


Lena and Henrik (august, 2011)


We made a trip arranged by your company last autumn and were very satisfied with the service, flexibility and price. Unfortunately it seemed that we got your cold too, but you have to make some sacrifices, :).
Now we are going to Colombia and are planning to visit the Galapagos Islands also. After some searching for a tour it struck me that maybe you arrange trips to Galapagos too and may help us.



Håkan Börjesson (june, 2011)


We are living with memories from the tour in Peru we made with your arrangements. A real big "thing" we often think about.
We´ll probably get in touch we you again for another trip.

Take care,

Hakan and Johan

Barbro Pegelow och Jan Sundgren - april 2011

I just want to send you a message that we are home again, safe and sound.

We are very satisfied with the tour to Peru and Galapagos, that we found very well organized, and we have only positive opinions about the arrangements. Everything went on as planned in the itinerary and we felt very well taken care of. It was also very nice to meet with you and your family.

Barbro and Jan

Letter from the Swedish National Senior Team in Golf - April, 2011

Tailor Made Peru arranged for us, a group of six national team senior golfers from Sweden and our wives, a wonderful 14 day adventure. We visited the jungle, Machu Picchu and foremost, it was arranged for us to meet the Peruvian National Senior Team on four different courses in Lima in a friendly game between the seniors of Peru and Sweden.

These 14 days, though us being seasoned travelers, were our most memorable as visitors in a foreign country. It outclassed everything until then.

Which team won ...? Sweden!

Thank you Tailor Made Peru!

The Swedish Team, through Bertil Josefsson and Anders Grufman

Tobias Boström (january, 2011)

Hi Tailor Made Peru!

Thanks a lot for a nice trip, and Merry Christmas!

We are going to make a 10 year jubilee tour to Peru, and we will definitely meet you then. Now we head our tour towards Thailand to celebrate the New Year with a little sun and beach. Unfortunately we do not have much snow outside the window to make a real Christmas feeling.

Best regards,

Helene Axfors and family - December 2010


We just want to send a few words and tell how pleased we are with our trip to Peru and with your arrangements.


Johan Gustafsson - December 2010


We were just sitting talking about our trip to Peru, so I thought I´d send you a message. It was a fantastic experience to walk the Inca trail. At home we have a lot to do and a lot of snow, hope you have a more relaxing tempo in Peru.

Greetings from Johan and Maria