Golf in Peru

Golf in Peru - An exclusive experience

Peru might not be known for its golf, first and foremost, but more for its historic and cultural treasures, the adventures and beauty of the Andes, the Amazon jungle and the Pacific beaches.
Our idea is to combine golf with the experiences of some of the world's greatest cultural treasures in one trip, "mitad-mitad” (“half and half”), as they say in Peru. If you then wish to end your visit with sunshine and beaches, that can be done on the Pacific coast in Peru or in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area and on the Atlantic coast.
In Peru there are no public golf courses, they are all private clubs so an invitation and a special permission from the members are needed. These formalities we will take care of and we arrange so you will get a truly exclusive golf experience.
Here, there are no crowd of golfers or difficulty in obtaining a starting time and you are exercising your golf at your own pace. A normal 18 holes round usually takes about 3 hours.
There are 13 golf courses in Peru, 7 courses in the capital, Lima. Most are "Country Clubs" where you may exercise other sports like tennis and recreation like swimming pools, restaurants, massage and more.
Let us do what we think we are best at, to tailor-make your journey with a mixture of Golf and Peruvian culture, history and fantastic food.

Add a few extra days to your itinerary to take part in one of the world's most exciting golf experiences. La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia is the highest 18 holes golf course in the world, 3 342 m above sea-level, built in the middle of the famous "Moon Valley. An even higher golf course is situated in La Oroya in Peru, 3750 m above sea-level,  but it has just 9 holes. Here you are going to hit the longest drives you ever made and experience a new dimension of your game. President Richard Nixon once played the course in La Paz and was amazed by his long drives in the thin air. Golf Digest Magazine describes the track as one of the most unique in the world.
Together with you we tailor-make a detour in the golf program so that you can enjoy this different golfing experience.

The Swedish Senior National team in golf visited us together with their wives in March – April, 2011, for an unofficial international competition in golf against Peru, the first ever. "Our best common foreign trip ever",  was the spontaneous opinion about the whole trip. The competition was organized by Tailor Made Peru in collaboration with the senior section of the Peruvian Golf Association.

Links to Golf clubs that we offer you to play:

Lima Golf Club

Country Club de Villa

Country Club La Planicie

Granja Azul Country Club

Los Inkas Golf Club