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Popular Peru destinations

Here you will find information about some of the most popular destinations in Peru and in short a little about what you are going to meet during your tour in Peru. For each destination we also have listed some of our tour packages in Peru which include that particular Peru destination. 

About Peru

Peru is the third largest country in South America, bigger than Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Italy together. The country has almost 30 million inhabitants. It is made up of three regions; 

  • The coast with desert, beaches and river valleys in a warm climate (12% of the country)
  • The Andes with its snow-capped peaks rising up more than 6000 meters above sea level (28% of the country)
  • The Amazon jungle with a tropical climate, one of the world´s largest natural reserves (60% of the country)

Peru is an unique country in the world, with its ”great number of everything”; history, geography, biologi, culture, climate ......, you need to use superlatives to describe it all.The uniqueness can be described on many pages, but here are some examples to start with;

  • The magnificence of Colca Canyon, the world´s second deepest canyon, with its majestic flying condors, the world´s biggest land bird. Colca Canyon has twice the depth of Grand Canyon in the United States.
  • The Amazon river, the longest river in the world, and the Amazon rainforest that covers more than half of the country.
  • Lake Titicaca, the world´s highest navigable lake, 12725 ft (3860 meters) above sea level, with islands where the people live their lives like the ancestors did hundreds of years ago.
  • The Cordillera Blanca (The White Mountain chain) in the north of Peru with more than 50 peaks above 18700 ft (5700 meters). Huascarán is the highest mountain in Peru and also the highest peak in the tropics in the world.
  • Caral, situated north of Lima, is considered to be the oldest city in the western hemisphere, inhabited since 2900 years B.C.

As a tourist country Peru offers you all you might wish for to make your vacation interesting, exciting, adventurous, and also relaxing;

  • Peru has a variety of eco-systems and a wide range of life in the nature. At any time of the year you can enjoy sun and beaches as well as history, culture and adventure in the Andes and the Amazon rainforest.
  • The famous history of Peru that has left its marks from Paleolithic times through the different Andean cultures to the magnificent buildings of the Incas.
  • Sights like temples and fortresses, churches, the Nazca lines and much, much more.
  • Music, crafts and dancing that are unique and famous all over the world.
  • The Peruvians love to celebrate and have festivals, and there are numerous “fiestas” all over the country throughout the year, in which you as a visitor may participate too.

Peru has a great number of culture treasures and is the cradle of many highly developed cultures, of which the Inca culture was the most famous, and this is the main reason why Peru is such a popular country for tourists to visit. The archeological remains from all these cultures are the main attractions and together with breathtaking views and sceneries of the desert by the Pacific Ocean, the Andes and the Amazon jungle they make a journey to Peru an outstanding experience with memories for a lifetime. As Cusco was the center of the Inca Empire the main archeological sights are located here, but for most people well known are also; the Nazca lines, the funeral towers outside Puno, Chan Chan in Trujillo and Lord Sipan in Chiclayo.

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